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San Diego is well known for it’s beautiful white-sand beaches, sunny weather, and abundance of activities. But one thing San Diego is NOT known for is cheap car insurance rates.

With over 3 million residents and 34 million visitors each year, San Diego has a lot of cars on the roads at any given time. This congestion is the main contributor to more auto accidents which drives up rates and forces policyholders to pay more for coverage.

But drivers don’t have to sit back and accept high insurance prices, they can proactively reduce their premiums by comparing rates at least once a year to find a cheaper insurance company. A recent study showed that drivers who make a regular habit of comparing prices actually saved over $3,400 over a four year span compared to those who never shop around.

If you want to find the cheapest car insurance in San Diego, you have to be smart when comparing rates and make sure you quote enough companies to get a good feel for the market. One or two quotes isn’t enough to find the lowest price, as there are many insurers in California that you may not have even heard of.

The list on the right side of this page shows the top 10 companies who write private auto insurance in California, but there are actually over 150 insurers who are able to insure cars in the state. Have you ever heard of Viking Insurance, Foremost, Ocean Harbor, or Sterling? Those are a few of the companies with smaller market share, but may still provide the best price depending on your situation.

Cheaper insurance is out there, you just need to be diligent when comparing rate quotes and the chances are good that you will find a lower price for coverage. Our site can help you learn about ways to save when buying car insurance, get more competitive pricing, and even find an insurance agent in the San Diego metro area.

Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in California by Market Share
State Farm – 14.4%
Farmers Insurance – 12.4%
Allstate – 8.7%
Mercury – 8.3%
Auto Club – 8.1%
GEICO – 7.8%
AAA Insurance – 6.6%
USAA – 4.5%
Progressive – 4.2%
Liberty Mutual – 3.4%

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San Diego and Surrounding Communities

The San Diego metro area includes the city of San Diego and many smaller cities like Chula Vista, Oceanside, and Escondido. There are actually over 60 communities that contribute to the over 3.1 million residents who all live within the 4,000 square mile metro area. The cities listed below are the most popular communities for auto insurance around San Diego. For each city, you can read about how to find better prices on coverage, learn about the coverages you may need, and also find directories of local insurance agents who can help you if you have questions.

Low-Cost Auto Insurance Quotes for Your Vehicle

With so many people living in and around San Diego, there are also a lot of cars, SUVs, and trucks. And almost every driver would like to find lower insurance rates for their vehicles. The models below are some of the most popular on the roads in southern California, and you can learn ways to save money when buying insurance coverage by clicking on any one. Many more vehicles are included by using the “More Vehicles” link at the bottom of the list.

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